Spinifex Brewery Cable Beach partners with North Regional TAFE for Tree-Planting Ceremony

Spinifex Brewery Cable Beach
Spinifex Brewery Cable Beach partners with North Regional TAFE for Tree-Planting Ceremony

Spinifex Brewery Cable Beach was delighted to be the recipient of a generous donation of Gubinge Trees from our training partners at North Regional TAFE. This significant moment was celebrated with an official tree-planting ceremony at the Cable Beach Brewery on Wednesday, February 7, 2024.

Gubinge, also known as Kakadu plum, holds significant cultural and nutritional value for Indigenous Australians. Rich in Vitamin Cand antioxidants, this fruit has been a staple in traditional diets for generations, offering both sustenance and medicinal benefits. Spinifex Brewing Co infuses the gubinge into our non-alcoholic ginger beer which is just one of our many bush botanical-infused products.


A gubinge tree taking root in the beer garden

The propagation of Gubinge trees has formed a key element within North Regional TAFE’s horticultural program for many years. The program focuses on educating students about flora and bush botanicals that are native to the Kimberley region. The program also delivers great economic and educational benefits to Indigenous students with at least 50% of students travelling from remote communities to participate in the program,


Beyond Broome, North Regional TAFE’s horticultural program works with prisoners incarcerated at the Derby prison. Among other things, they grow gardens, plant trees and work within the bush foods industry.

Program Lecturer Kim Courtenay says

“The purpose of this program is to maximise the involvement with and benefits for indigenous people and communities”


This partnership is a prime example of Spinifex Brewing Co’s commitment to facilitating education and development opportunities for the Kimberley community.


Spinifex Brewing Co CEO Adam Barnard says

“This endeavour not only underscores our dedication to environmental sustainability but also highlights our unwavering commitment as part of the Investment Attraction Fund (IAF) Grant to foster local talent and support the community.
Through actively engaging with North Regional TAFE and facilitating traineeships and apprenticeships, we are not just brewing great beer, but we're also cultivating a skilled workforce and contributing to the long-term prosperity of our region.”


As the Gubinge trees take root at the Cable Beach Brewery, they serve as living reminders of the importance of honouring the land, respecting Indigenous knowledge, and fostering partnerships for positive change.