WA’s Spinifex Brewing Co smashes crowdfunding record, chases Fosters-like global export success

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Sam Jones Broome Advertiser Tue, 12 October 2021 7:28AM

Spinifex Brewing Co head brewer John Gibbs, part-owner and former West Coast Eagle Karl Langdon and CEO Adam Barnard has proposed to develop a small bar on the coast in North Beach. Still in early planning stages. Credit: Perth Now

A Broome-based Aboriginal-owned craft brewer which draws flavour inspiration from native Kimberley foods is toasting a successful crowdfunding campaign.

The raising, which saw Spinifex Brewing Co reach its $2 million goal in just two days, has shattered the record for the most successful Equitise crowd fund campaign for a brewer in Australia and will allow the company to increase production of its growing line of beers.

It also recently welcomed its first exclusive tap venue at Wildflower in Broome, and has unveiled plans for a two-storey ale house in Perth’s North Beach.

The alehouse will be its flagship venue with, Indigo Blues in Denham and the New-town House of Brews in Sydney set to join the brand.

An artist impression of the proposed Spinifex Ale House in North Beach. Credit: RegionalHUB

Spinifex co-founder Adam Barnard said the crowdfund attracted 740 different investors, a majority of which invested under $10,000.

“We don’t have the exact figure, but there were so many Broome locals who invested in the crowd fund, which is really encouraging for us to see that we have the local community behind us,” he said.

“As a small local owned beer in a big-brand-dominated market it’s great to have this sort of support, it’s definitely opened a few doors for us.

“It shows people are responding to what we’ve set out to achieve — whether it’s the F88 initiative or the use of native ingredients in our beers — people definitely seem to love what we’re doing.”

The company has also signed ex- Eagles player Karl Langdon as a brand ambassador.

In a statement on Equitise, Spinifex said it would bring the taste of Australia to the world.

“Spinifex aims to replicate the extraordinary success of Fosters and truly create a globally recognised Australian brand by taking the ‘Taste of Australia’ to the world.”

Spinifex currently exports to Northern Europe and South America.

The brewer recently added a non-alcohol ginger beer, made using gubinge, to its offerings.