WA brewery cracks the market with native Australian twist as new suburban ale house beckons

David Prestipino

August 13, 2021

With a bunch of existing rivals, the big conglomerates, and no shortage of new competitors bustling for market space, the Australian craft brewing sector is one of the hardest of all to crack.

But within 18 months, Spinifex Brewing has done just that, establishing a brand built on a core range of beers that stands out from the pack, marketing that appeals to Australia’s social conscience, and key supply chains here and abroad. Amid a global pandemic too, if you don’t mind.

“It’s been a phenomenal response, the craft beer market is quite crowded, there’s a lot of players now. But craft continues to grow at 10 per cent a year,” Spinifex chief executive Adam Barnard said.

The company started as a contract brewery (known as a gypsy brewer) to test the market but grew at such a rate it is now building a $1 million, 24-hectolitre manufacturing facility at Western Australia’s $21.7 million food centre within Peel Business Park in Nambeelup.

“We are growing at 30 per cent on average per month ... people find us really relevant,” Barnard said.

When Barnard first joined early last year, he traversed the eastern seaboard selling the Spinifex story and beers, and said he did not get a single “no” from myriad meetings. Three weeks later, COVID hit our shores.