Spinifex to Launch National F88 Campaign in Time for ANZAC Day 2022

Spinifex Brewing Company is relaunching it’s National F88 veteran’s mental health support campaign in time for ANZAC Day 2022. ANZAC Day serves as a reminder of the mental health challenges that many Australian soldiers, sailors and airman have suffered, including Sig Geffrey Phillip Gregg who served with 152 Signal Squadron in Afghanistan and who sadly took his life on September 23rd, 2006, as a result of his struggle with PTSD.

As a proud veteran owned company, Spinifex Brewing Co is all too aware of the challenges that many veterans face and recognises that there is a need to show more support to those suffering silently with mental health issues as a result of their service.

Motivated by Sig Geffrey Phillip Gregg’s story, Spinifex Brewing Co released its F88 Lager (named after the ADF service rifle F88 Austeyr introduced in 1989) on the 14th of February 2020, with the aim of donating 50% of the profits from the sale of the beer to veterans’ mental health charities. However, the COVID-19 Pandemic and associated logistical challenges meant the campaign rollout nationally was continually disrupted and delayed.

Two years on and Spinifex Brewing Company are proud to be re-launching our national F88 Lager campaign, one week before one of the most important days in the Spinifex calendar; ANZAC Day. Spinifex enlisted the help of renowned miliary artist, Ian Coate who redesigned the Spinifex Veteran’s range including a stunning series of three iconic Australian military history artworks. Ian’s artwork perfectly embodies the spirit of Australian military culture which is an important piece of our heritage.

“Our nation has such a short military history, but in that time the Australian soldier has forged a reputation as a fierce and skilled fighter that values mateship, humour and making the best out of a bad situation. For the F88 Lager campaign, I wanted to capture the human aspects of the Aussie soldier in positive moments of rest and sharing a beer with mates. I believe these images of personal moments will resonate with those who have served in the military much more than gung-ho ones.” – Ian Coate

This is a very special moment for Spinifex and our CEO Adam Barnard himself, a veteran having served with both the 10th and 2/14th (Queensland Mounted Infantry) Light Horse Regiments.

"The launch today of the first of three commissioned artworks represents an incredible step forward for Spinifex and our Veteran range following the continuous interruption of our F88 campaign and our national roll-out due to the effects of the COVID pandemic."

"I am confident these series of artworks will become a must have item for RSL's and sub-branches across Australia and this will help us formally relaunch the F88 campaign in each state which has been interrupted firstly by the national shutdown and then subsequently by the Delta and Omicron outbreaks."

"Special mention must go to the incredible support provided by the Kelmscott-Pinjarra 10th Light Horse Memorial Troop and our talented model and Spinifex supporter Jason Connor - Actor ." who will be launching his acting career in partnership with Spinifex as an official ambassador - Adam Barnard CEO

The first two copies of "My Shout Mate" will be handed over on ANZAC Day to the 10th Light Horse Regiment Throssell VC Club Irwin Barracks with one on permanent display and the other to be auctioned on the day with funds raised to support the club and our Perth charity Connectedby . All ADF units, RSL's and Sub-Branches that sign up to stock our 4.2% F88 Lager and 2.95% Australian Light horse Lager will be provided with a limited-edition poster from the series.

Spinifex Brewing Company’s F88 Lager stands for hope; it stands for supporting your mates, and it serves as reminder to us all, of the great sacrifices made by Australian soldiers, both past and present.

If you would like to stock F88 Lager or to find out more information about this campaign, please contact:

Stephanie Power

Sales & Marketing Manager

Phone: 0476 303 850

Email: stephanie@spinifexbrewery.com.au