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These are unprecedented times, Never in our recent history have faced such a grave threat to Australian lives. Please take Social Distancing Rules seriously if not for yourself then for others and refer to this link for information https://www.health.gov.au/

Australia is facing a desperate shortage of Hospital Grade Hand Sanitiser. We are receiving HUNDREDS of requests from around Australia from Individuals, Medical Services, At Risk Communities, Aged Care and Health sectors.

We know lives will depend on us producing this vital product. Our partners at Limestone Coast will be aiming to add 5,000L every day next week to fermentation capacity.

This is a staggering amount however make no mistake this is a complex undertaking. From every 5,000L only 1,000L of ethanol is actually realised.

Let us make this clear. This is Hand Sanitiser with an Alcohol Concentration of 80% in accordance with World Health Organisation standards to combat the COVID-19 Virus.

This is 10% Higher than the most popular brands that are now unavailable due to demand. In addition we are infusing with Lemon Myrtle hence in the public interest we are ceasing to produce our infused beer and diverting this precious ingredient towards SPINIFEX PROTECT.

As part our corporate responsibility we are prioritising the initial supply to those most vulnerable and most at need. ORGANISATIONS SUCH AS GOVERNMENT AND NGO HEALTH SERVICES, AGED CARE, MEDICAL are invited to contact us via email only enquiry@spinifexprotect.com.au

ALL PRIVATE ENQUIRIES VIA www.spinifexprotect.com.au to subscribe with your details. We are aiming to commence retail sales via contactless pickup from Malaga WA and delivery Interstate by late April. We will create as many jobs as possible in the local delivery market in WA as well as production and packaging.

F88 LAGER will now be produced exclusively in NSW. We Cannot stress how important this is that F88 Lager and the F88 Campaign continues and in fact grows.

The level of stress and anxiety caused by these rapidly escalating events means WE MUST NOT FORGET the impact this will have on Veteran Mental Health.

IF YOU ARE A MEMBER OF DEFENCE OR WORK FOR FEDERAL- STATE GOVERNMENT you still have a job and income. It is your duty to spend money in the economy. Spend everything you can to keep things going. If you are going to drink beer please make it an F88 Lager.