Spinifex North Beach Ale House Progress Update

22nd March 2022

Update – North Beach Ale House

The proposed Spinifex Ale House North Beach was submitted for Development Application with the City of Stirling on the 5th of December 2021 for consideration. This involved a public comment period in which the overwhelming majority of respondents were in favour of the development with a minority of respondents not in favour due to perceived noise and parking related issues.

From the outset the proposed small bar was designed to significantly benefit the local community, offering a greater range of services and thus amenity and a new aesthetically pleasing development all in a walkable and accessible location. We believe the proposal will deliver a vibrant local community social hub.

We are pleased to advise the development has received a positive review from the design review panel at the City of Stirling. There are still a few remaining issues to be resolved regarding the parking however it is anticipated these will be resolved and that the application will be considered by council at the May meeting.

Further updates will be made available soon.

Regards Adam Barnard CEO