Spinifex introduces Export Development Team

28th February 2021

Spinifex Brewing Company formally introduces our Export development team as we aim to take "The taste of Australia" to international markets around the world.

Pictured above is Louis Gussman South America, Adam Barnard CEO of Spinifex Brewing Co, Capt Hamoun Aria Northern Europe and Spinifex Communications and Logistics Manager Steve Jansen.

As a business that launched only 12 months ago the team at Spinifex have wasted no time in advancing the ultimate goal of the brand - International Export.

"It’s been a very long time since Australia has successfully exported a truly local beer globally. There is a great opportunity to show off Australia in a can by offering something that's infused with native Australian botanicals.”

Also today was the release of the full product information guide in Spanish with Lima Peru selected as the first South American destination for Spinifex.

Peru is one of the largest beer markets in South America with around 14 million hectolitres of annual beer sales of which about 40% are sold in Lima alone. It is the largest market in the region.

The premium beer segment is significantly

underdeveloped, representing less than 4% of the total market.

Peru has a population of 32 million and has solid macroeconomic fundamentals, attractive development of consumer demographics and a stable local currency.

Spinifex Brewing Co intends to recreate the astounding success of the "Fosters" Beer brand around the world.