Spinifex Commemorates National Reconciliation Week with Launch of Non-Alcoholic Gubinge Ginger Beer

To commemorate the start of National Reconciliation Week 2022, Spinifex Brewing Company are pleased to be launching our Non-Alchoholic Gubinge Ginger Beer. The Gubinge Ginger Beer is the first non-alcoholic product to be added to the Spinifex range and is infused with the incredible Indigenous superfood Gubinge (otherwise known as Kakadu Plum).

Spinifex Brewing Company are proud to have worked closely with Robert Dann, a Nyul Nyul man (his ancestral tribe from the Beagle Bay region) for this 10-month process which included research, planning, harvesting and production.

Robert was instrumental in leading the wild harvesting process within Aboriginal communities on the remote Dampier Peninsula, in Western Australia's Kimberley region. The project engaged more than 400 Indigenous people from communities on the peninsula, with over 1 Tonne of Gubinge being harvested and infused into the non-alcoholic product.

The Gubinge (Kakadu Plum)

The Gubinge also known as the Kakadu Plum has the highest natural, Vitamin C content on earth. The fruit has been harvested by the Indigenous population on the West Kimberley Coast for many years and is used for it's nutritional and healing qualities. It is known to aid in wound repair, maintain and strengthen teeth, hair and nails. Additionally, it possesses several times the amount of anti-oxidants as blueberries and has anti-bacterial, anti-viral and ant-fungal properties. The Gubinge is truly Australia's native SUPERFOOD.

"I am very pleased to be partnering with Spinifex and to share our local Indigenous knowledge of this fruit as well as the importance of protecting our country.

By showcasing the incredible health benefits of Indigenous bush foods to the world we can help to create sustainable Indigenous farming enterprises protecting our land from mining and ensuring employment and opportunities for the communities on the Dampier Peninsula." Robert Dann comments on the project.

This has been a really engaging project for Spinifex and one that will have long-term and far-reaching benefits for the remote Indigenous communities on the Dampier Peninsula. The Spinifex team are proud to be supporting Indigenous farming practices and by creating a product that champions a nationally recognised Indigenous superfood like the Gubinge, Spinifex will be able to continue its mission to become a more socially responsible organisation

“The process was certainly challenging, and we trialled a number of techniques, to ensure that we could preserve the high-quality vitamin C from the Gubinge and incorporate it into the Non-Alcoholic Ginger Beer. We discovered that freeze drying the Gubinge was the best approach and we have managed to create a product that includes 1/2 the Adult Daily Dose of Vitamin C (40 milligrams)" - Spinifex Brewing Company, Head Brewer, John Gibbs

The new Non-Alcoholic Gubinge Ginger Beer is now available for purchase, with 200,000 Litres currently scheduled for production this year.

If you a interested in finding out more information or for wholesale or retail sales enquiries, please contact:

Stephanie Power

Sales & Marketing Manager

Phone: 0476 303 850

Email: stephanie@spinifexbrewery.com.au