Spinifex Brewing Company are the Official Beverage Partners of the Shinju Matsuri Festival 2022

Spinifex Brewing Company are thrilled to announce that we are the Official Beverage Partner for the Broome Shinju Matsuri Festival in 2022. As a proud Kimberley company we are excited to be contributing to such a historic and prestigious Broome festival and to be serving up the Taste of Australia in some of Broome's most iconic locations.

This year the Shinju Matsuri Festival is being managed by a local Broome company, Kimberley Special Events. The team are bringing back all your favourite events, such as the Cable Beach Sunset Long Table Dinner and China Town Feast .

Event Manager, Saira Hanlon says "We are proud to be managing the festival locally, for the first time in seven years. Shinju Matsuri is such an important piece of Broome's history and we think it's important that we try and support as many local providers as we can, so that they can continue to make Broome the amazing town that it is.

With that being said, it's exciting to be working alongside a beverage partner like Spinifex, who is as fiercely local as we are and who have built a brand that Broome has come to know and love." - Kimberley Special Events, Event Manager, Saira Hanlon

As a Broome local, Spinifex CEO, Adam Barnard is particularly proud to have forged what we hope is a successful and lasting partnership, with one of Broome's most treasured events.

"The Shinju Matsuri festival is the largest of its kind in our region and our team is beyond excited to be playing a major role as a Platinum sponsor and Beverage partner for 2022.

Featuring our brand new destination beers Cable Beach Sunset Ale and Broometime Mango as well as our Non-Alcoholic Gubinge Ginger beer we have no doubt locals and visitors will enjoy supporting our incredible brand. Shinju Matsuri rekindles the excitement and romance of Broome’s early days of being a world-renowned producer of South Sea Pearls when the Japanese, Chinese, Malay, Koepangers, Filipino and Europeans flocked to Broome from the late 1800’s to be a part of this prosperity. This unique multicultural population of pearl industry workers joined with the local Aboriginal people and Europeans to work on up to 400 Pearling Luggers that sailed out of Broome." - Spinifex Brewing Company, CEO, Adam Barnard

The Shinju Matsuri kicks off with the opening events on the 20th of August and closes on the 4th September 2022. Spinifex products will be available at all ticketed events and for the very first time our Spinifex beverage truck will be operating at The Hub (Town Beach) for the entire duration of the festival.