Spinifex Brewing Company Announces Partnership with Donut Waste

Spinifex Brewing Company is proud to announce our official partnership with Donut Waste. The incredible work that Donut Waste do will assist Spinifex Brewing Company on our journey to becoming a more sustainable, ecofriendly organisation.

Sustainability is one of the core values here at Spinifex Brewing Company and this partnership is a significant step forward in that endeavor.

Donut Waste provides a free, specially designed bin that collects beer clips and provides them to bottle shops/recycling stations who then, make them available to the public.

When the bin is full, venues alert Donut Waste and they then collect the clips free of charge. After collection, they de-sticker, clean and re-pack them in their original boxes so they are ready to be used by Spinifex Brewing Company.

With 28 collection points across Perth City, Donut Waste has rescued over 10,000 clips from landfill. Which equates to about 130kgs of plastic!

The full list of Donut Waste current collection points can be found on their website here

Here are some quick facts about beer clips that you might not have known:

  • Plastic beer can holder clips can be reused over 50+ times.

  • They are mainly 4-pack and 6-packs and come in many different colours.

  • They are not recyclable through Perth's curbside bins. If not reused, they end up in our landfills or even worse, in our environment.

  • They are made from HDPE - recycled plastic.

"We are thrilled to have a sustainably-minded brewery such as Spinifex on board. It's the support from early adopters of innovative solutions such as reusable clips that will enable our local circular economy to happen here in WA.

Without businesses like Spinifex brewery, our circular solutions couldn't become viable. Backing us during our start-up phase will enable us to save huge amounts of plastic from landfills in the long term. We are very grateful for their support and look forward to our longstanding collaboration." - Donut Waste spokesperson Sharka Hornakova

Spinifex Brewing Company CEO, Adam Barnard's comments on the partnership. "Today's partnership announcement with Donut Waste is yet another example of Spinifex Brewing Co's commitment to sustainability and the minimization of waste within our company. This is a fabulous initiative and I commend Sharka on her efforts to reduce waste and increase reuse of these beer clips."

If you would like to become a beer clip collection point or to find out more information about the Donut Waste project, you can enquire here