Spinifex Brewing Company Announces Export Ambitions with Lima, Peru Campaign

Spinifex Brewing Company’s co-founders and Directors, John Gibbs and Mick Little departed from Perth for Peru on Thursday 16th June to commence their vision to take the Spinifex Taste of Western Australia to the world. Spinifex aim to become the most globally recognised and respected Australian craft brewery and it all starts in Peru.

Spinifex has established itself head and shoulders above all in craft beer brewing having established a completely new genre within the craft brewing industry. They have done this by pioneering and mastering the art of beer created with native botanical infusions. The Spinifex infused range now proudly includes the Gold medal award winning WA Pale Ale infused with Geraldton Wax, a Wattle Seed Amber Ale, Lemon and Honey Myrtle Ales, the amazing Broome Time Mango and most recently the non-alcoholic Gubinge Infused Ginger Beer.

The Spinifex mission to Peru has been 18 months in the making and involved extensive market research. Spinifex has undertaken over 40 in country focus group tasting sessions with Peru’s leading Sommeliers and restaurants facilitated by Louis Gussman and his Lima based team at Gussman Enterprises America S.A C. The Peruvian focus groups have experienced and loved the Spinifex Taste of Western Australia range paving the way for our official launch and master class event on the 25th June.

Spinifex, as a part Indigenous Australian owned brewery will be not only introducing its craft beer to Peru but also represent a cultural exchange of great significance. Peru is a country steeped in cultural traditions that stretch back more than 5,000 years and is a land of awe inspiring natural, cultural and culinary riches. Mick Little, as an Australian First Nations leader from the Yamatji and Noongar nations will be pioneering the connection between his peoples 60,000 years of living culture with his Peruvian hosts.

The Spinifex visit to Peru also represents a significant development by establishing a non-mining export product within the framework of the Peru Australia Free Trade Agreement (PAFTA). Spinifex has not only focussed on exporting its beer but is also committed to opening doors for other Aboriginal businesses and entrepreneurs. Spinifex has promoted “Designed by Danika” by utilising and promoting her Six Seasons silk scarf range within its photo and video shoots undertaken in Peru (featured below)

The highlight of the official Spinifex launch in Peru will be a celebration that includes a Beer Tasting Master Class by John Gibbs, an introduction to Indigenous Australian culture with Mick Little and a celebration in true Peruvian style with music, dance and featuring a performance with the famous Peruvian Paso dancing horses, hosted at the stunning AWA Hotel and Resort in the Boulevard of Asia, a prominent touristic precinct just 2 hours north of Lima in collaboration with the National Peruvian Paso Horse Association and attended by more than 50 representatives of Peru’s leading hoteliers and liquor distributors.

Spinifex will commence exporting to Peru with shipments scheduled for July and September 2022.

For more information on this project, please contact:

Steve Jansen

Export & Communications Manager

Email: Steve@spinifexbrewery.com.au