SPINIFEX Brewing Co wins silver and bronze at London Beer Competition

Rachael Knowles

September 9, 2020

Western Australian brewery, SPINIFEX Brewing Co, has taken home silver and bronze medals at a renowned international beer competition.

The Aboriginal-owned brewery’s Lemon Myrtle Summer Ale won silver and their Wattle Amber Ale won bronze at the London Beer Competition.

The competition aims to celebrate beer brands that produce top quality products with a strong market value that bring something different to the table.

“We saw [the competition] and thought well we’ll send over three beers each … not expecting anything. We wanted to let people know who we were. We sent them around February and four weeks ago we got an email saying we got silver and bronze!” said Noongar/Yamatji man and SPINIFEX Brewing Co Managing Director, Michael Little.

“They’re both two different beers. The Lemon Myrtle will be a summer beer, even if you add an extra lemon in there—it tastes beautiful.

“The Wattleseed is a darker beer, more of a night-time beer—a bit heavier. They’re both 3.5 per cent so they’re light beers but they taste like a full-strength.”

Brining a fresh new twist to beer, SPINIFEX Brewing Co infuses beer with native Australian botanicals to create an iconic and authentic Australian taste.

“Our chief brewer John Gibbs … his Dad was a ranger and taught him about walking through the bush and tasting everything that was available,” Little said.

“He got this idea to try some of it in the beers, so when we all became partners, he said he had this Lemon Myrtle beer … we all tried it and thought it was great.

“He said he was also doing a Wattleseed beer. And as the beers developed, we started looking at all the different botanicals out there we could use.”

“It is one of those beers that is different to everyone else because we’re using those botanicals and trying something new. Beers that mean something to our country and to WA.”

The team sources products and botanicals from Aboriginal corporations to help create a supply chain of Indigenous businesses.

Moving forward, SPINIFEX Brewing Co is looking to expand the brewing side of their business, with hopes to have their products on tap.