Spinifex Brewing Co Sails onto Broome Tours

Spinifex Brewing Company are partnering with Broome Tours for a MASSIVE Broome Dry Season in 2022. This is a particularly exciting partnership as Spinifex have sponsored the mainsail on the Broome Tours yacht - Ballena. Featured on the sail is the incredible, Cable Beach Sunset Ale Artwork, a perfect backdrop for your cruise down the beautiful, Cable Beach coast.

Broome Tours and their vessel ‘Ballena’ have a rich history in Broome and strive to showcase our beautiful backyard to all. Their focus is on ecotourism, operating sustainably for wildlife interactions and scenic occasions. With over 10 years of experience in the Broome region, Broome Tours is proudly owner- operated. Let their enthusiastic and knowledgeable crew entertain you aboard the 42 foot catamaran ‘Ballena’. Broome Tours are the only small group tour operator with a powered sailing catamaran. This enables quiet and intimate marine interactions, sustainable operations and the chance to experience sailing amongst an idyllic backdrop.

"Broome Tours WA is stoked to have forged a strong partnership with Spinifex. Having the ability for both young companies to synergise with one another is an exciting prospect."

Adam has been a wealth of knowledge and great to discuss new ideas with. We look forward to showcasing the Spinifex brand throughout the season as the sun sets upon cable beach. There’s no better place to sit back, relax, enjoy a crisply crafted Spinifex, wine or cocktail amongst the good light of Broome. Especially once the catamarans engines are switched off and a gentle breeze glides you through calm waters."

"There will be even more partnership opportunities once the Brewery opens and Broome Tours continues to expand its tourism ventures. We look forward to working together for years to come and hope the entire community enjoy seeing the new sails. " - Jackson Howson & Ryan O'Dea, owner-operators, Broome Tours

"This is yet another incredible tourism partnership for Spinifex Brewing Co in Broome. The opportunity to sponsor the mainsail of Ballena is a major coup for our brand with many tens of thousands of visitors and locals about to witness the vessel sailing close to shore at Sunset

along the stretch of one of the worlds most pristine and recognised coastlines.

Thanks to Jacko and Ryan Spinifex beverages are now available on board Ballena joining a burgeoning list of many other tourism businesses in the Kimberley region. Its going to be a huge season ahead for Spinifex as we move closer to construction commencing of our Cable Beach Ale House." - Adam Barnard , CEO, Spinifex Brewing Co

You can enjoy the refreshing Taste of Australia with Spinifex Cable Beach Sunset Ale, Broometime Mango Beer and Geraldton Wax Ginger Beers, all available onboard the Ballena.

*All photos courtesy Dylan Gibbs*