8th April 2021

The Spinifex Brewing Co team proudly announces the opening of the first regional Spinifex Ale House located in the seaside town of Denham in the World Heritage Listed region of Shark Bay.

This exceptionally popular town 826 kilometres north of Perth forms part of the Coral Coast Highway and is the gateway to the world famous Monkey Mia Dolphin experience.

Spinifex Brewing Co first entered the Australian market in February 2020 following two years of development. In just 12 months and during a global pandemic the Australian craft beer market is embracing the story and taste of the Spinifex range at a remarkable rate.

Shark Bay has a rich and exciting history that dates back 30,000 years. Indigenous people belonging to the Malgana, Nhanda and Yingkarta language groups, seventeenth century explorers from France and Holland, traders and workers from England, Asia and the Pacific and tourists from all corners of the globe have all left their mark, with tales of discovery, shipwrecks, pearling, farming and naval disaster creating a fascinating cultural story.

When people inhabit an environment they create a cultural landscape. They leave traces, for days or millennia. Shark Bay is strewn with such relics – of ship wrecks, stations, sheds, fences, abandoned camps and landings.

Spinifex Ale House is co-located with Indigo Blues Café and Restaurant is open 7 days for Breakfast Lunch and Dinner

Featuring four taps which will rotate through our range of beers seasonally in addition to the full range of Spinifex available packaged the feedback and reception to the Spinifex Ale House has been exceptional.

A wonderland of world-class natural attractions, the Shark Bay World Heritage Area was the first location in Western Australia to receive UNESCO status in 1991.

The area meets four of the ten required natural criteria and remains one of only a handful of places in the world to achieve this high criteria status level.

The colourful and diverse landscapes, rare flora and fauna and world-class examples of Earth’s ecological processes all contribute to the region's World Heritage listing. The area contains plant species that are unique and considered new to science, five of Australia's 26 species of endangered Australian mammals, as well as 35% of all of Australia's bird species.

The 12 species of seagrass found in Shark Bay cover over 4,000 square kilometres (approximately the size of the Perth metropolitan area), and support a high diversity of fauna such as dolphins, fish, turtles and crustaceans. This seagrass is a vital food source for one of the most stable dugong populations in the world, with over 10,000 dugongs inhabiting the Shark Bay region.

Did you know: Shark Bay is Australia’s largest bay! It boasts over 1,000 kilometres of pristine beach and calm, inviting waters.

To find out more about about Western Australia's Coral Coast visit Australia's Coral Coast: The Official Tourism & Travel Website