Spinifex Brewing Co announced as WA Brewery for Sydney's thriving Newtown - Urban House of Brews

1st June 2021

Its an announcement we have been so excited to make and today we can finally reveal as announced in todays Brews News Spinifex Brewing Co has been selected as the WA Brewery for a multimillion dollar 650 person entertainment extravaganza in the heart of Sydney's thriving entertainment district "Newtown".

Urban House of Brews Michael Vale visiting from Sydney and Spinifex CEO Adam Barnard in Perth for discussions in April 2021.

Five breweries have been selected for a new venue in Sydney’s Newtown, dubbed the Urban House of Brews, which is set to open next year.

Tasmania’s Moo Brew, Victoria’s Urban Alley, Western Australia’s Spinifex, Murray’s in NSW, which has previously had a Sydney venue, and Catchment Brewing Co. in Queensland have signed up to the venture which will see the historic Hub Theatre revamped into an entertainment venue.

The site, which was built in 1913 as a vaudeville theatre and cinema, has stood empty for more than 20 years.

Sydney-based hospitality consultant Michael Vale wanted to bring the Bavarian beer hall inspired concept to Newtown.

The organisers were looking for medium-sized breweries with little or no representation in the Sydney market to contribute to the project.

Vale told Brews News he expected the venue to be operational in 12 to 16 months.

“This theatre hasn’t functioned in 25 years and the council are keen to see it reopened, there’s a number of people involved, including the five interstate brewers, who are all very excited,” he said.

The Hub Theatre in its heyday in the 1930's

“Independent craft brewers have it tough getting into Sydney venues, into pubs and clubs, but they’ll have 10 taps each without sweetheart deals, at the price they want to sell them.

“We tried to pick the best of the crop,” he explained.

If approved, 650-person venue will be a huge project, especially as it is set to include entertainment from live music to themed and cinema nights, as well as five different bars each dedicated to one state brewery and a cocktail bar on a mezzanine level.

“The most important thing is that it will remain a 1913 vaudeville theatre and the integrity of the building won’t be touched. We’ll be creating something ground-breaking,” Vale said.

Urban House of Brews Michael Vale visiting from Sydney and the Spinifex team from Left Bianca Fruh, Adam Barnard, Michael Vale, Steve Jansen, Brydon Maslin and Brewer John Gibbs. At Froth Town April 2021.

Spinifex CEO Adam Barnard " Urban House of Brews is an incredible concept and from the outset we were absolutely determined to be involved. Mixing live entertainment with F&B is a new concept for Australia and knowing some of the proposed plans to be implemented we are all very excited to be a part of what will be one of Australia's most unique entertainment complexes"

A Total of 5 Breweries from around Australia have been selected to participate.