Roelands Village in SPINIFEX Supply Chain

SPINIFEX Brewery is very excited to include Roelands Village within our Aboriginal producers supply chain with the supply of their Wattle Seed.  Roelands Village is part of the Noongar Land Enterprises (NLE) network.  Noongar Land Enterprises is a leading Aboriginal grower group developing commercially viable land based businesses.

Mick Little, Managing Director of SPINIFEX Brewery and Master Brewer, John Gibbs recently shared the extraordinary Roasted Wattle Seed Amber Ale infused with roasted Western Australian Wattle seed with Les Wallam, Syd Jackson and Farm Manager Junior.  The Roeland’s Wattle Seed produces a beer with wonderful flavour that is rich, dark with a hint of smoky carame

The Roeland’s farm is expand production of Wattle Seed along with

Pepper Berry and Lemon Myrtle from which SPINIFEX Master Brewer John Gibbs is creating additional well crafted beer for the SPINIFEX range.

SPINIFEX is committed to supporting the development of land based Aboriginal businesses with long term high volume supply contracts.  This supports the sustainability of businesses along with employment and career development opportunities.

“Establishing Roelands within the SPINIFEX supply chain provides long term security of supply with exciting opportunities to expand supply of high quality native bush products.  This will ensure the commercial success of Roelands and provide employment and pathways into careers within the agricultural, food production and hospitality industries.” Les Wallam – Managing Director – Roelands Village

The SPINIFEX Aboriginal producers supply chain has been established in the South West, Great Southern and Goldfields whilst discussions are underway with producers in the Kimberley and Mid West.

SPINIFEX is excited to be working with Niioka Farm, an Aboriginal family owned 2000 acre farm in the Many peaks area of the Great Southern. They supply SPINIFEX with both wild harvested and cultivated Lemon Myrtle and Wattle Seed.  Niioka are expanding their supply volumes by undertaking an extensive planting and cultivation program.

“The development of land based businesses provides a fantastic opportunity to create employment and advance economic well-being for Aboriginal communities. We are committed to playing our role by purchasing from Aboriginal producers.  I am very proud to include Uncle Les Wallam and the team at Roelands Village in the Spinifex supply chain”

Mick Little - Managing Director Spinifex