Join the team to take "The Taste of Australia" to the world - Spinifex - Equity Crowdfund Campaign

A Message from Spinifex Brewing Co CEO Adam Barnard

Dear Potential Investors and Brand Ambassador's

What an incredible journey we have had to date! It's been just 18 short months since our launch and we are truly humbled by the incredible support of our consumers around Australia.

Whilst the Australian craft beer revolution continues, we are confident that it's our incredibly unique story that is attracting such a vast amount of attention to our brand.

We launched Spinifex to disrupt the craft brewing industry with our award winning and unique native botanical infusion. We have succeeded in establishing a totally new genre in craft brewing, achieving brand awareness in both the Australian domestic and International export markets.

In addition to supporting Aboriginal enterprises and supply chains, you will also be part of the F88 Campaign. The Campaign supports Australian veterans' mental health and wellbeing through the sales of our celebrated F88 Premium Lager, which sees 50% of the profits from this beer donated to veterans charities in each state. As an Australian Army veteran myself, this cause is close to my heart and something I am very proud to be a part of.

We are now at a pivotal point in our journey. We have been growing at an average of 30% month on month through great demand for our beer. It is now time to accelerate that growth further. By investing with us, you will write yourself into the next chapter of the Spinifex Story as we aim to become a globally recognised Australian craft beer brand.

Your investment will see us open our state of the art Spinifex brewery located within the WA Food Innovation Precinct, significantly increasing our profit margins, as well as our proposed Spinifex Ale House in North Beach, our first fully-owned retail venue, which is currently getting an extraordinary amount of public support in the media. Finally in Q3 2022, we will open as the “Western Australian” brewery in the proposed Sydney Urban House of Brews, a spectacular 650 person entertainment extravaganza in the heart of Newtown.

My team and board remain committed to growing the brand globally, and our goal is to replicate the success of Fosters on the international stage during the 80’s and 90’s (only with much better tasting beer!). We hope you will join us in taking the Taste of Australia to the World starting with Northern Europe, South America and SE Asia in 2022.

Finally, by investing in Spinifex, you will have access to a great range of investor rewards, including discounts at the Spinifex Ale House, our flagship venue, merchandise and tickets for investor-only events!

So, thank you for your interest in becoming an Ambassador for Spinifex. We hope that you will join us in taking the “Taste of Australia” to the world.