F88 Campaign Brings home the goods in WA

23rd February 2021

Today Spinifex Brewing Co F88 Campaign was delighted to officially handover the first quarterly donation to our Western Australian charity Connected By.

Pictured below is Spinifex Communications Manager Steve Jansen and a very thankful Connected By Director Greg Wallace.

Helping people move forward in creative ways

Connected By is a creative space for learning sharing and growing that provides current and ex ADF personnel, first responders, and the general public the opportunity to learn share and grow through engaging and challenging creative pursuits.

Connected By is an evolution and unfolding of the Bodhi Tree Surfboards workshops into a charitable platform for sharing skills, and as a space for a community to grow and connect through creativity.

In the future we'll offer a variety of ways to get connected, we'll guide you to create something you'll be stoked to show your mates and proud to show your family.

Get Connected By Water and build your own hollow wooden surfboard, bodyboard, or paddleboard from locally grown timber. With no previous skills you'll create a showroom piece that's functional in the water and beautiful on your wall at home. From a 4 ft bodyboard to a 10ft paddleboard you'll be frothing all the way to the shed.

SPINIFEX established the F88 range of beers; sourcing the name from the Australian Army issued rifle, SPINIFEX is a world first initiative aimed at raising funds to support our returned service men and women. Soldiers, Sailors and Aviators love a beer with their mates so what better way to support those that have served before you than by purchasing a smooth thirst crushing lager.

The F88 Campaign is dedicated to the memory of SIG Geoffrey GREGG (Afghanistan) who sadly took his life 23rd September 2006 because of his severe PTSD, and is the inspiration behind the campaign.

Spinifex Brewing Co. CEO Adam Barnard himself an Army veteran said, “Our business was founded in part to support Veterans, and we are so proud to be able to hand over this cheque to our WA charity partner Connectedby.

This is just the start of something huge to come in the years ahead.