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Job Opportunities

Spinifex Alehouses are opening in 2022 and we need a great TEAM!


We are looking for team members who are committed to;
  1. Great Communication - The most successful employees in the hospitality industry are those with excellent communication skills.

  2. Enthusiasm - Great employees of the hospitality industry are enthusiastic about their jobs and strive to do the best work possible. They want to give their customers the best experience available. Without the customers, you do not have a job.

  3. Being Organised - To stay on top of the multitude of tasks you'll face, you need to be organised and multitask without dificulity

  4. Safety & Hygiene - Hospitality industry has rules around work safety, food and personal hygiene.

  5. Teamwork - Hospitality employees work well with others, you need to be a productive team member.

We are committed to providing you with;

  1. A Positive Work Environment.

  2. A Purpose Built Facility With All The Mod Cons.

  3. Well Organised and Dedicated Employer

  4. On Site Training and Development.

  5. Safe and Inclusive Work Environment.


Just complete the form below and we will contact you if you make the short list.
Please ensure you have included you resume as a document and a short 1 minute video cover letter.


We don't care if you have truckloads of experience, we can teach you to pour a beer or even cook, but we can't teach you to have a great attitude and turn up on time for your shift, that's on you.

*NOTE: Video application is mandatory, no cover letter required.


We have introduced video introductions for positions that require a personality for customer service. A video cover letter shows us that you are friendly and positive in your vocal tone, facial expressions and body language. Please include;

  • Intro with your name and the position you’re applying for

  • Your background and skills

  • What you would bring to the position
  • Tell Us About YOU!


Upload Document
Upload Video
Thanks for applying!